" Practicing a part time job as entrepreneur. "

What to do

" The more you KNOW the less you need to say. " 

" Learn before you Earn. "

part time philippines
planning secondary part time job?

Sample proposal plans are send through excel format, with complete details in it. 

note: this is also the best reviewer to know every plans offered by Caritas.

Think of your Connections:

Your friends, relatives, co-workers, parents, clubs,
classmates, employers, government officials, 
connection to connection etc.

" This is a wise move most people don't know. "

(they can give you referrals!)

Ideas they don't know:

Actual Sample Plan: 

No other companies have this plan only Caritas 


Good for businessman 
For education
Vacation plans 
Retirement plan 
Capital for business
Protected and sure savings 
Guaranteed remittance 
Way better than banks (.075% , 1% per year) interest rates 
Sure income assistance for business owners


Commission based earnings:

" Outright commissions "
30-40% commissions depending on financial plan
% commissions every client installment payment (quarterly,semi-annual,annual,spot cash 
> the bigger the better commission)

More info:

You will have your own company id
No examinations needed
You can start right away
attend training, seminar, services updates (recommended) 

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