" Practicing a part time job as entrepreneur. "

Friday, April 5, 2013

Caritas Inc. Philippines

part time business

   Part time job is an intelligent way to earn more income for you and your family just like in the U.S. Americans are fund of credit cards and this means they spend too much, and almost every pinoys abroad have a part time job or part time business. Meanwhile in the Philippines corporate slaves are often called to those who work very hard for their bosses to make their businesses bigger. According to GMA Ceo an individual must try to be an entrepreneur even if this means part of your time.  Reading books for successful career are very helpful to learn how to make your money grow, rather spending many years working for someone. Did you notice? It is just you are willing to be both by someone else but of course everyone must accept that fact if you were not born rich.

     Practicing a part time business will give you more knowledge to work and make a company of your own. Robert Kyosaki, Warren Buffet are some of the few inspirational mentors you can be inspired because of their big achievements in the world of business and it all began with a part time single step. Discipline is one of the most important thing you must internalize personally for success.