" Practicing a part time job as entrepreneur. "

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ask to learn for free

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 Everyone is searching and hoping for success in our daily lives but one may curiously ask, how? "Asking is the most cheapest form of learning" and application must go afterwards whether you are sure of the outcome or not. A wise person named Albert Einstein once made an experiment and he said If you tried experimenting for 3 times and you did not like the result, change your plan because you will only waste more time if you think something will change repeating the methods you already use. Having a part time job is quite the same as the experimental experience by our genius friend. If plan A did not work go to plan B. if it does not work again make another way. ,"Life is trying things to see if they work that is the real deal, sink or swim." 

 Sometimes these part time jobs are mostly the ones you have never learned in school and you must study on your own. It requires enormous discipline and a focus mind to basically know to do it. Attitude is also a great factor that contributes to any job you are adding up and you may ruin your day just by the way you think. Always think of the end result in mind when you are reaching for your goal and plan intelligent the things you need to so daily. Success is not an overnight achievement, but rather a continuous doing of the game plan to target and boost your skills in a step by step manner to hold your trophy in the finish line. If you really need a part time job it is better to gain more knowledge or make research in order to get more than what you are paid for in your traditional job. Do not forget to join only positively motivated groups to inspire each and both of you, because good environment is a big factor for development.